Challenge the hell out of aging and live a brilliant kick-ass second half of life!

Retirement not what you hoped it would be?

Feeling under appreciated and unable to find a way to use your talents, skills and achievements you worked so hard for?  

Wondering what to do with all of your energy and creativity?  

Looking around for like-minded people to connect with and find ways to make a difference?

Feeling isolated and alone and wondering why you worked so hard if this is all there is.  

Anxious about the future?  

Unfulfilling relationships with family and friends?

The Solution

Get on the path to fulfillment and enjoyment. The time is now and I can help you get there. 

Let's figure out where you are and where you want to be as well as what you want to have and do. It will open up your life and you will create passion and purpose for the next half of your life.  I've done it, I am living proof AND I have a formula for this. 

My course will give you the tools to answer your questions and be your roadmap to peak performance and making a difference. 

You will have the relationships you want and the fulfillment you deserve. 

Anxiety will be replaced with a sense of calm and reassurance that you are living the life of your vision.

Benefits of the Course

  • You will be able to get on the path to fulfillment and enjoyment. You will discover where you really are in life and discover where it is that you want to be. My course will help you identify what you want to have and do to open up your life and create passion as well as purpose for the next half of your life.

  • Find YOUR passion and purpose for the second half of your life with my Passion Test. It includes a roadmap to identify what your passions really are and lead you to living a purpose driven life. You will leave this course knowing exactly how you want to make a difference in the world and leave a legacy.

  • Learn how to free up your time to do what you want with the people you care about. I've created a time-leveraging system, so that you see better results with less effort.

  • This course will give you simple tools to change your life in such a positive way. I will also show you how to get to your peak performance place. You will have the relationships you want and the fulfillment you deserve. Anxiety will be replaced with a sense of calm and reassurance that you are living the life of your vision.

Course Curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to Ready. Set. Go.

    • Welcome - Live an Amazing Second Half of Life

  • 02

    Adjusting Your Habits

    • Let's Talk About Habits- Good & Bad

  • 03

    Your Vision

    • What Do You Want to Do/Who Do You Want to Be?

  • 04

    Time Management

    • Let's Talk About Your Time!

  • 05

    Your Creativity

    • Let's Dig into Your Creativity!

  • 06

    Motivation & Mindset Part One

    • Let's Unpack Your Motivation & Mindset

  • 07

    Motivation & Mindset Part Two

    • Let's Unpack Motivation & Mindset Even More!

  • 08


    • Greatness Requires Internal Toughness

  • 09

    Living a Purpose Driven Life

    • The End is Your Beginning - Final Lesson

  • 10

    Resource Center

    • Resources & Links Mentioned in Training Videos


“Kathleen Sinclair has created something all of us of a certain age need: a step-by-step path to reinventing ourselves. If you are retired with lots of time on your hands, this course can help you make the next phase of life genuinely rewarding. It opened my eyes to rediscovery of my true self and the world around me.”

Marketing & Communications Executive, retired

Jeffrey Smith

“All I can say is “Wow!” You did a fabulous job in defining your missions as well as instructing people in how to discover as well as reach goals that will assist in solving world problems.”

Educator, retired

Irma Henson


  • Why should I take this course from you?

    There is no course like this on the internet specifically for people 60+. I know this because I have looked and it has taken me years to format this course from my own experiences and travels. I want to share everything that I have learned in the last 15 years. I call it disrupt aging! You will be able to track down results that work.

  • I'm busy and happy with my retirement. Will this take a lot of time?

    Yes and no. You can breeze right through the course and listen to the videos and figure out what parts are the most meaningful for you and then go back to them. That will take you about 10 minutes a day. Or you can take your time to take it all in and go through it each day. Do the exercises and start your own self actualization program. You know what works best for you so there is no set time or way to take this course. I do recommend 15-60 minutes each day and to take notes so that you can get the most out of the course.

  • I'm only 53. Should I still take this course?

    That is a great question! It is never too early to plan for a meaningful second half of your life that brings you joy, fulfillment and satisfaction. Get started today and watch how your mindset and life transform.

  • Do I have to do the course all at one time?

    Many people listen to the course once through to get an idea of what will be going on and then repeat the course while doing all of the exercises and activities. You probably already have an idea of what works best for you and that is what I recommend.

  • What if I have questions about the material?

    I hope you do have questions. Please write to me through the website, and I will get back to you. There will also be follow-up webinars to answer your questions and you will be notified of those after you finish the course. I am here to fully support you on your journey and to continue to share mine as well.

  • How will this course help me make better decisions?

    I will teach you the skills necessary to eliminate the things from your life that are no longer serving you. I'm sure that they are currently taking up a great deal of your time and energy. When you see your life clearly and are able to do the things that matter the most you will see a clear path to the decisions that are meaningful to you.

  • Can I get my money back if I don't like it?

    Yes, you can get a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.

  • Once the course ends what do I do next?

    You will receive an invite to join my Disrupt Aging Community online and connect with myself as well as others that are on the same path. You will also receive newsletters and notices for webinars and more advanced training as well as my accountability program. This course is just the beginning of getting to your purpose and passion. After you finish the course, I will want to make sure you stay on your passion path.

BONUS: Free e-book!

  • Brand new E-book "How to be a Smart Swiss Army Knife of Aging"

    By signing up for this course, I will include my e-book- The Smart Swiss Army Knife of Aging! This book is $12.95 with thousands of dollars in value for you and your life. It is a bonus just for you so that you can get started on being the inventive and creative person you know you are. And it is my free gift to you even if you decide the course isn't right for you.

Get Started TODAY!

You have nothing to lose by signing up for this course. I just know that you will find freedom, time, satisfaction and sense of purpose. The course is risk free and yours to use as many times as you choose. ENROLL NOW and start seeing results in your life within the first week.

Money Back Guarantee

There isn't any risk you have to take with this course.

You can keep it for up to 30 days and still get 100% of your money back.

Read through the modules and do some of the exercises and see if it is what you are looking for.  

Don't worry, you can still keep the bonus e-book even if you decide this isn't the course for you at this time.

Step into a true vision of yourself for the second half of your life

You wouldn't be reading this if you weren't ready for a shift in your life. So many people over 60 stop living and they are often dismissed and not valued for their insight, skills, experience and value to society.  

It is time to step into a true vision of yourself for the second half of your life. 

The world needs smart, motivated and purpose driven people who have the experience and skills to make a difference in the lives of everyone, especially for all of us over 60. 

It is time to be recognized for who you are and what you have to offer.

Take charge of your future and create the next half of your life to support your vision and achieve your goals.

I look forward to working with you.

-Kathleen Sinclair